Chimney design questions

I am getting ready to purchase my Mattone Barile Grande form work.

I am very excited about this oven and its barrel shape. It’s exactly what I am looking for.

I can not find a a negative comment on this site about this product.

I did find an article on an independent online forum which talked about a long heat up time and also issues with the placement of the chimney location.

This pizza forum felt the -

chimney should be outside the oven chamber

and that the chimney bottom should be below the top of the oven ceiling so as to not let the heat out

Any thoughts on the above and chimney construction for this unit would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi BDJ and welcome to the BrickWood forum!

Glad you’re planning to make this oven…I’ve been very happy with mine.

I’m not sure what the online forum meant by those two statements. The BWO Mattone Barile design has a very carefully placed chimney near the front precisely to avoid losing heat. The action with your oven is going to be near the back, where it easily reaches 900°-1,000°F when the oven is up to pizza-ready temperatures. Your chimney vent should include a damper so that you can close it down for baking temperatures.

It takes just about an hour to reach those temperatures. I don’t think that’s excessively long for a wood fired oven.

I’m not saying they’re completely wrong about this, but my experience with the oven is that it performs exactly as promised provided you follow the BWO specs. I wouldn’t mess with the chimney design.

Let us know how things work out for you, and please do post photos as you make your oven.