Chimney insulation

I was browsing through the forum and I saw you recommend to someone they put insulation & stucco around the chimney. I was following your instructions and didn’t do that.

I was planning on just putting a veneer brick over the chimney firebricks - will it be OK to do that.

Plus would I have to use the firebrick mortar for that and any veneer bricks I use on the front of the oven?


Each box of Ceramic Fiber Blanket gives you just enough blanket to wrap the top and sides of the Mattone Barile Grande 2 times - and once in the rear of the oven. If you have a little extra, putting 1 layer of the blanket on the chimney is a good idea - but not required.

If you are applying veneer to the chimney or the front of the oven, definitely use high-temp mortar as these two spots are the hottest external portion of the ovens.