Chimney on the Inside or Outside

Hello All,

I am just finishing up my Mattone Barile Grande and have a few question’s on the Chimney Placement.

— Has anyone moved the chimney to the outside of the “cooking dome” ?

— If i keep the chimney 4.5 inches in front of the opening ( trying to follow directions ) will there be to much heat loss when cooking? i.e. pizza’s at 700 degrees or so.

– I like the idea of the damper in the chimney flue, anyone have experience with using one while cooking?

– Thanks for the help!

I just changed forum services and haven’t notified our forum members - so it’s just you and me in here right now.

Answer 1: If you wish to move the chimney in front of the foam form and create some sort of smoke-capture, you can do that. There are a couple of customers that did just that - their pics are on our Photo Gallery.

Answer 2 & 3: There isn’t too much heat loss with the chimney 4.5" from the front. Most of your baking is behind that 4.5" and under the firebrick that is red hot. To retain the MOST amount of heat, we offer stainless steel Dampers by DuraTech that are made exclusively for BrickWood Ovens.

If you want to retain about 85% - 90% of the heat in your oven, this damper is exactly what you need.

It simply connects between the DuraTech Anchor Plate and Chimney Cap. Takes about 45 seconds to install.

No Worries at all,

Thanks for getting back to me… Your website has been great. I kept my WFO the same as the instruction’s. I like the look and the design.

Have a good one,