Closing off the Front—Some Questions

I’m in the process of closing off the front of the oven with fire brick and angle iron.

I want to put a thin brick veneer over the entire pizza oven.

1.) Any tips for cutting the brick that stack in front of the mouth to maintain the round/arch? Do folks use an angle grinder to get the curved lines?

So, once the front partial close of the oven mouth is complete…

2.) Do I have to wrap the front fire brick with the insulating blanket, chicken wire, and stucco?
3.) Or can the thin brick be applied directly to these firebrick? And the insulation isnt required?
4.) For attaching the thin brick to the stucco shell—high temp mortar isnt required?
5.) For attaching the thin brick to the fire brick that partially closes off the mouth, do I have to use high temp mortar?

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Good questions! Let me take them in order:

  1. Yes, an angle grinder with a diamond masonry wheel would be your best bet.
  2. No; you should go brick to brick.
  3. Yes; you should go brick to brick, no insulation.
  4. Correct. Your stucco shell should never be hot, so there is no need for high temp. There is a variety of adhesives you can use, but for thin brick I’d “stick” to mortar. :slight_smile:
  5. Again, no. Using high temp mortar is an option for the fire brick itself (and personally I’d go with that option). But the mouth of the oven is not a flame-contact surface, and you are more interested in adhesion for the veneer in that area.

Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Ok. I’m lazy. I’ve got a seam where the brick doesn’t overlap on the top left/center. Worth redoing it? Or not a big deal. Please say it will be fine given it’s location. I’m tired.

But, if the answer is to pull it off and fix it, I’ll do it.

Not veneer? Be happy.

There is a small theoretical chance of a crack if that was three courses rather than two. But those seams don’t line up; they are just close.

And you are applying veneer over that, yes?

So pay attention when you apply the veneer and you’ll be fine. Only you will know, and you’re not going to worry about it.

Yes, I’ll be applying thin brick over that.

What you see here is the firebrick that I used to close up some of the oven mouth.

Thanks Matt!

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