Closing the front of the oven

Life got on the way again, and I have not been able to finish my oven. I’m looking forward to completing the oven and start to cook/bake.
Does anyone have any video showing how to close the front of the oven? Tips are appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Lia,

Sorry to say I don’t know of anyone sharing video—and yes, that would be so useful!

Referring to the Mattone Barile instructions, is there a specific part of it that looks puzzling? I’d be glad to walk through it if that would be helpful to you.

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Thank you so much. I’m not sure how to incorporate the angle iron to close the top of the oven. I will be using fire bricks and after I will cover the fire bricks with thin veneer bricks.

Okay, that makes sense.

The angle iron is “L” shaped, and it acts like a shelf to hold up the firebrick that are going to be placed above the opening. This is because you won’t have an arch like you do on the main barrel of your oven.

So, you build up the “legs” of your new closure on either side of the front. When you get to the level where the top of the new opening will be (and you are very very sure it is level on either side), you place the angle iron across the two legs that you have built, with the upright part facing to the back of the opening and set back just enough to allow the remaining firebrick to stay flush to the face.

From there, you lay brick and use the angle iron as a “floor” or “ledge” to run your firebrick across the space that will be your new opening.

Does that make sense? I don’t have access to drawing software today, but if you draw this with pencil and paper based on the description, it might help.

Let me know, and let’s keep talking it out.

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Thank you :pray: I truly appreciate you!

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