Combo Pizza Oven & Fireplace Plans

I see a lot of pictures of the Mattone Barile and a fireplace built together in your gallery. They all look about the same. Where do I get the plans to build that?

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Honestly? If you went through the gallery, you saw the “plans.” The Mattone Barile plans and kit are for the oven. But as you’ve seen it’s easy to extend it any way you desire. Some of them were done by landscaping contractors who started with a general order to build something like this and chose the Mattone kit because of its quality and adaptability. Others were done by DIY’ers who started out to build just the oven and then got inspired.

One tip, though: planning for the oven itself will give you enough information on the principles to extend the work to a fireplace or similar structure. If you ever worked with LEGO blocks the principle is similar. It’s just how the structure is based and tied together that differs.

I know it would be great to say, “Ask for the such and so joy.” They don’t have that. But with some thought and maybe a buddy on call you can make it happen.

Good luck as you develop your plans!

Thanks for the response. I got the plans from Backyard Flare for the combo. Unfortunately, the width of the oven base is 8 inches wider than the Mattone Barile plan. So the standard 3 piece base with a width of 47 inches won’t even cover the blocks. Do you see a problem with the base being 8 inches wider? I think I will have to pour the oven base in place.

As long as your base (vertical walls) is under the base of the oven itself, you’ll be fine. The slab, when poured with high-strength concrete (4000psi or 5000psi, depending on what’s available), is heavily over-specced. If you can pour a slab in place, and it extends 4 inches wider on each side, that’s inconsequential. The important thing is that the load is supported directly by the base walls, and not so much by the slab. You probably know much more about that than I do, but that’s where I’d point you.

Search the forums, as there has been some recent discussion about pouring in place. And @BrickWood might have some advice for you to make that job simpler. I’m going to flag him on this so he can get involved in the discussion.