Comparing the ovens

I built a pizza oven from a different kit at my old house and loved it but we moved and left it behind. I’m looking to build another. I was leaning towards Barile Grande but I’m intrigued by the Cupola Domes and the Cortile. I need some help deciding on which oven to go with. It will be used for pizza, breads, and we loved using the cast iron pans in it for chicken wings, salmon, pork tenderloins and steaks. My brother even spatchcocked a 35 lb turkey in it one year for Thanksgiving. I plan on doing a stone veneer instead of brick if that makes a difference. Thanks for your help!

Hi Justin, and welcome to the BrickWood forum!

You already know how great wood fired cooking is and it sounds like you really miss the oven you built.

From what you said, was that oven similar to a Barile?

There will be lots of opinions and good advice here, so I’m just going to go with this question: Do you want a similar design so that you can build on the experience you already have over many fires? Or, do you want to branch out and try something different to add to your repertoire?

If you look through the galleries you’ll discover some folks have built more than one oven as part of their outdoor cooking setup. I guess this depends on how much you enjoyed the building process last time, but with your experience base you don’t really need to limit yourself.

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