CONGRATULATIONS to BIKERBUDMATT on his recent retirement!

I would like to extend a well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS to everyone’s favorite Forum Monitor and Contributor… @bikerbudmatt

Matt has been a Godsend for the BrickWood Ovens forum and his valued input on numerous forum posts has kept our small forum community alive, well-informed and each of his posts always includes an encouraging word.

Matt has recently retired from the ministry and is taking a well-deserved break - but I’m sure he’ll find plenty of DIY projects to keep him outside and busy.

Thank you Matt! And may God bless you and your family!

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Aww, thank you, Kevin! After 35 years it’s definitely time for a change of direction.

And yes, there’s a number of outdoor projects that will be getting my full attention this summer, including a greenhouse for my spouse and (ahem) building the “weekend project” BWO fire pit now that we have cleared enough space for it.

I should also say that retiring from helping out new BrickWood builders and conversing with our veteran wood-fired brick oven members here is not in the cards. I learn something new with each and every post, and I can’t believe I get to have this much fun for free!

Hoping that all our forum members have made their neighbors envious enough that they will want to build their own, genuine, hand-customized BrickWood oven, and thanks for all you do, Kevin!


Congratulations on your retirement! I hope you shift those work hours in to hours of enjoyment and relaxation. I do hope you will continue to grace the forum with your presence. You’ve been extremely helpful and encouraging.

Cheers to your 35 years and your next life adventures!!


I can’t believe you will have even more time to post :slight_smile:
The rest of us are better off for it.



Congratulations!!! Thanks for all of your help on this forum when I’ve posted questions in a panic thinking something was wrong!!!


@bikerbudmatt congratulations on your retirement! I started panicking when I read the title of the post. :astonished: I thought it meant you were done responding to all these questions we keep posting (and that would certainly be understandable). :slightly_smiling_face:

I am relieved to read you are going to continue to be such a key part of this amazing site and community. You have been invaluable to this neophyte mason and oven builder, and I am sincerely grateful for all your patient guidance and sincere encouragement. Thanks to you the finish line is within sight!

I hope you enjoy the next chapter in your life, may there be many happy times to come (especially with awesome pizza from your brick wood oven).



Congrats on the retirement Matt!


Congrats Matt, I can’t thank you enough for talking me down during my build!


Congratulations Matt, try not t work too hard. Ya need time for pizza