Cooking Utensil Mounting

I am curious to see how folks are mounting their cook utensils. I wanted to mount a rack on the side of my oven but am hesitant to drill into my brick. I cant use the outer sides of my base because I have built countertops off each side. I could mount underneath the over but that is where I try to store my wood. Just curious to see how others have mounted racks/brackets for their cooking utensils.

Great question, Jeff, and I’m curious as well.

It’s a straightforward process to drill holes and set anchors in the frame bricks. You do need the appropriate drill bit and anchors, though. I recommend TapCon drill sets and anchors for that, and the one caution that goes with it is to avoid making the anchor hole any bigger than it needs to be. If you do that then the TapCons won’t work (and don’t ask me how I know :slight_smile: ).

But again, I’m curious to see what others have done, because there are many creative builders on these forums!

Yea, I was planning on using tapcon screws to mount whatever I do decide on using. Just curious to see what others may have done before I commit to drilling into the brick. Was thinking maybe even a small U bracket type shelf with 3/8" black pipe mounted to the outter oven base may work as well. Just spitballing now.

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Excellent! (Don’t worry about my spelling out the obvious…I’m sure you know what you’re up to, but we try to add more explicit information for first-timers who might see that nice rack in the accessory kit and wonder “now how do I get that to stick to the oven?”)

If you’ve got the space on the sides then that sounds like a good alternative. My stucco comes out to within a half inch, so it wouldn’t work for me.

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