Cost of Fire Bricks

How much should I expect to pay for fire bricks for my oven?

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In southern New England anywhere between $2 and $2.25 per brick is about right. They have an important job to do, and their composition is a little more complex than a common brick. If you get up to around $3 or so start looking at other sources.

thank you it seems everywhere i look on line they are 7 -10 dollars a brick so i will call around to some local places i guess

Harbison walker has them for $4 a brick, if there’s one near you. Some places around me had some for $2-$3 a brick but you could tell from speaking to them they really didn’t know what they were. Unsure of measurements, duty, odd numbers in stock. Like they were leftovers from something. Not worth the risk to save $50-$100 IMO.

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Mike brings up a good point. My brick came from a local stone supply that is listed on BrickWood’s map as a gold dealer who can supply everything for an oven. They don’t carry firebrick in stock, but they are good at their work and were able to confirm the composition and duty load for me before I ordered. It took two days, but got them delivered at 2.25 per brick plus $75 for delivery into my driveway.

If they can’t tell you what grade and duty rating they’re selling, don’t buy it.

Harbison Walker will be a little more expensive but you will get exactly what you need from a top-rated national company.

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I went to a local brick yard here in the Chicagoland. Name of the place was Illinois brick company. They had two different manufactures. Both could handle the heat. I went with Whitacre Greer 2 1/4 × 4 1/5 × 9 for the barrel and chimney. They are a low duty with 27% AL2O3 ratio. I paid $ 1.56 a piece. Bought 250. These bricks had some imperfections on the conners. I figured it didn’t matter the joints are going to be filled with Heat stop 2 mortar. ($64 a bag) Needed 5

For the oven floor I used Alsey firebrick that are 1 1/4 × 4 1/4 × 9 and rated for very high heat. Over 2000 degrees. They are made with a very crisp edge. I figured that would be great in the Herringbone pattern the peel will slide with ease. They were $2.15 a piece. Needed 50.

Hope this helps.

I bought my fire brick from Snowshoe Refractories, right off of I-80 in central PA. At the time (last year) they had a big pallet of 12" x 12" x 3.5" bricks that they sold me for cheap. I forget the price, I think $5 each. I laid them in a grid instead of herringbone, as they were so big that I didn’t have but a few joints. I’m sure they still have lots of the bricks left, they were from a job that got cancelled.