Cracks in stucco after curing

I’m seeing some hairline cracks emerge in the stucco after curing. As the oven heats the are noticeable but once it cools down the almost disappear. Is this something to be concerned about?

I’m on day 6 so I’m ready for a full fire and to make the first pizza’s.

hairline cracks are pretty natural with stucco, even on a house that isn’t being heated up to 1000 degrees. Quick question, did you “hard trowel” the finish, or “float it out after” troweling it?

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I floated it out just a bit to smooth it

If you floated it then it’s probably actually true expansion from the brick or mortar layers, if you hard troweled it and didn’t open up the surface to let it breath and really expose the aggregate then I would say the it’s just the finish coat, because that’s what they do. However either way no biggie, entire houses shift all the time due to foundations and moisture, underground rivers… wind and other factors…don’t stress!

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