Creating Arch Form to Close Off the Front Just a Little

Continuing the discussion from I want to close off the front of my Barile Grande just a little:

Here is what I did for the arches
Plywood works

2 “ rigid foam insulation (pink stuff )
Works great and easier to cut

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That looks first-rate, Erminio, and it preserves the arch shape as you were hoping to do!

Thank you for sharing your technique through photos; I suspect @BrickWood is going to want to pick up this post for a FAQ.

Let us know how it works out for you for smoke control. Happy baking!

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Thanks for all your guidance!
It is been a great experience-slow and steady.

Here are some other photos of template and keystone in progress.
I’m not great at calculating all the angles and spacing.
So I laid all the bricks out on the floor and marked all the spacing on the temple .Then I measured the spacing on the outside of the bricks.
This allowed me to keep all the sides evenly spaced as I mortared the outside arch.
Now for the keystone😊


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