Curing oven after rain

Hello! Quick question on curing the oven. I live in northern MN. I put two layers of stucco on my oven and then couldn’t find sealant- so my oven sat out in the rain for about a week. I hadn’t realized the importance of keeping it covered +sealant until after the fact. I had a door on the front but I did notice that the bricks felt damp on the inside of the oven and had some condensation on inside dome. Hoping the 4 layers of insulation didn’t get too damp from the rain…

I plan to get sealant on it tomorrow and maybe start the curing process after allowing the sealant to dry for 1-2 days.

Should I prolong the curing process with longer then a week? Or is 6 days still fine? It is about 40-50 degrees here this time of the year- assuming still OK to cure at this time?

I think you are still okay with the 6 day process, as long as you don’t push things. Some moisture may have gotten into the insulation, but the brick lining will eventually draw it back into the oven cavity where it will be expelled. What you want to avoid is early curing fires that are very hot because of the potential for steam in the insulation envelope.

Let us know how things turn out!

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