Curing Sequence Question


I am waiting for the weather to clear (after a virtually rain free May in the mid Atlantic we are socked in with rain in the forecast for the next several days) so that I can begin the curing fires.

My question: the instructions show 6 days of curing fires, do I need to do them 6 days in a row or can there be a gap between days? I am asking because I am trying to avoid a fire if there is rain expected (I have not veneered the barrel yet so I am keeping it covered in plastic).

Thanks very much.

As long as you keep the barrel dry between fires, you can skip a day (but not the next fire itself). If you skip more than one day, I’d back up the sequence a step when you resume.

Rain is a fact of life for most of us with outdoor ovens. But you’re getting closer to a real deal fire!

Got it, as always very helpful. Thanks very much Matt!

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