Custom Pizza Oven Door for the Mattone Barile Series pizza oven

I’m still in the planing stages of my oven and I found this amazing pizza oven door.

I love the door - but the opening is just under the recommended in the construction details. Will it really have a negative effect? What’s the worst that could happen?


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Metric = 42.5cm (W) X 37cm (H)

American = 16.75"W x 13.25"H

You’re looking at about 222sqin combined - but that’s w/ perfect 90° corners. Since the pizza oven door is rounded at the top, you are probably looking at 200sqin. Which just so happens to be the recommended maximum opening size for the Mattone Barile pizza oven (the smaller of the Barile Series ovens).

But the Mattone Barile GRANDE has a minimum oven opening of 240sqin. The 200sqin door opening on your awesome pizza oven door might just be pushing the minimum size requirements on the Grande version.

Summary = Your custom pizza oven door WILL work w/ the Mattone Barile series oven… but NOT the Mattone Barile GRANDE version.

Mattone Barile Oven Opening Requirements:

Mattone Barile GRANDE Oven Opening Requirements:

Thank you so much for taking the time to work out the details, even if unfortunately the results are not what I hoped for. They do not make a larger version of the door, which leaves me with having to make one.

I will post the results when I will make it.

Thanks again.

Wish i would have seen this before i finished my oven! This is truly amazing!!! Good job Hunter!!!

Well after this set back and searching and searching for a suitable door and not finding what I like I decided to make my own. Truth is that I did find a great door, but I am not willing to pay $1K for it.
The door is a 17"W by 15"H opening framed in 1/4" thick angle iron with 1/4" thick double door. It is in the early stages of fabrication. My question is should I or is it necessary to insulate it and what is the best material to do so?
I decided to forego went openings as it is easy enough to crack open one side to allow some air in.
Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Stay safe everyone.

It’s not. In my opinion what you’re closing off is infrared heat energy when you close a door. The great majority of the convective and conductive heat energy will soak into the firebrick and be refracted back into your oven. If you’re planning to set the door in a frame like the one you were looking at last fall, that might not matter to you so much.

I’m guessing that just the presence of a door across the opening is going to make the biggest difference in retaining heat. Insulating it might not be worth the trouble.

Looking forward to seeing how your project shapes up, Hunter!

What you would add with insulation is depth (a thicker door). If you really want to insulate it anyway, you need to make sure you have allowed enough room on your hearth slab for the door to stand. I

As always, thank you for the advice.

Here is the progress:

The funny thing about this is that the oven is probably close to two years away. My retirement was pushed back and it is intended for the backyard of the house that I will buy, but I do like planning and now that like so many I am shut in I have time on my hands to tinker. As it develops I will add some more pictures.
If anyone is interested in buying a great but pricy door, I can give you the link to the makers. They can customize it to your liking. I have no connection to them.
Stay safe everyone.

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That’s one substantial door, and it looks great! It’s good to pour creative energy into a project like this at any time, and especially now when so many of us are required to restrict our movements.

You are blessed to have good metal fab skills and a shop to match.

Definitely keep those photos coming, Hunter!

I call it hefty, it was what I had around. Made som more progress on it.

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Well, today I finished the heavy part, sanding, finishing and paint / coating is left and of course the oven.

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That looks amazing!!! Very well done!

Thanks Big Mike

Still have not painted it, but then again my oven is at least a year away so…


I’m sure you are - but I just have to check… Are you powdercoating the door?

If so, I’d recommend using High-Temperature Powdercoat which is available from Powder by the Pound.

We use their Muffler Black paint on our pizza oven doors to give them that classic Cast Iron look.

The paint can withstand temps of 1200°+ but has one drawback… your door will need to be painted immediately after the paint arrives (so have it delivered to your powdercoater of choice). Moisture can affect the paint and cause clumping in the paint. This clogs the sprayguns the paint will end up looking splotchy.

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Thank you.
I decided to go with high temp paint as it will be easy to touch up later and it would be a pain to ship the darn thing, it is not light.