Cutting brick veneer?

Does anyone have any advice on trimming the veneer to fit the oven? Does it need a wet saw? Can it be done with any kind of handtool? (which I’d prefer). Thanks!

I can’t remember if I purchased a Dremel saw, probably 3 1/2 or 4 inch at Lowes or Home Depot, and it worked great with the masonry blade. It’s very similar to a skill saw in its looks and has an adjustable depth which worked well cutting veneer brick. Hope this helps. Mark

Thank you! I’ll try it

I didn’t use a veneer, but if I did I would have used an angle grinder with a 4" an all purpose blade.

Mark, does the rotary tool you used have a guard? If it doesn’t, what is your safety assessment of it?

Veneer is a good case for using your angle grinder with a diamond cutting blade. I’ve said previously that that blade is fairly pricey, but recently found one at Lowe’s for about $15. Glove, mask, eye and ear protection, and I’d also wear long sleeves/pants and make sure no kids/pets/curious onlookers are nearby.

Yes, it has a guard and the wear on the blade was minimal. It runs at a very high rpm which makes for a smooth cut

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