Do I have to do the 6 day curing cycle if I finished my firebrick 2 months ago?

I completed my fire brick mortar work 2 and a half months ago should I still follow the six day cure. I placed 3 layers of insulation, 2 layers of stucco and then thin brick.

Hi Wally,

Yes, you absolutely must follow the six day cure cycle. Even 75 days later your high temperature mortar is not fully cured (and it wouldn’t be 750 days later, either).

The high temp does not fully cure by simply shedding moisture. It needs to be fired to reach its rock-hard final form. If you try that with a 950°F oven on your first firing, it will without a doubt crack and push apart your firebrick.

Sounds like you’re ready to make some pizza, but think of the long game here and your oven will outlive you.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Properly curing the oven is the MOST IMPORTANT part of constructing the oven. If the water / moisture is not fully out of the oven, it will turn to steam and crack your beautiful new oven! You can NOT rush curing the oven. Even if it has been sitting in direct sunlight for 2 months.

Did you know the concrete in the Hoover Dam is STILL curing!

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