Do you have directions on how to make one monolithic slab? I just want to pour it all at one time

No we don’t. Sorry!

Every BrickWood Oven and base is designed with one simple principle in mind… KISS!

While we applaud those with the skill level to build a monolithic slab, BrickWood Ovens are designed for Johnny Homeowner, and Johnny wants to build an awesome oven quickly and with as little difficulty as possible.

Our hearth slabs are built in 3 identical wood frames that are goof-proof to construct, are almost impossible to build incorrectly and function just like a monolithic slab. In fact, we’d like to think they are actually better than a monolithic slab since we incorporate the insulation layer INTO our slabs as opposed to sitting on top of the slab.

In addition, once the oven base is built and dry, our hearth slabs can simply be mounted on top of the base and you can immediately start building the oven. On a monolithic slab, you have to wait until the hearth slab is dry before you can start building your oven… So our design saves you days in oven construction time!