Do you ship to Canada?

Absolutely! But it costs a bit more to ship to our neighbors to the North…

Once you have added all of the items you want to purchase to your cart, simply enter your Canadian “Ship-To” address and click on “Update”. You will now see the cost of shipping to Canada (and we try to keep it as LOW as possible - but those taxes, duties, customs fees, etc… are getting out of hand).

For the lucky 75% of Canadians that live 100 miles (160 kilometres) from the US border, you can save hundreds of dollars by having your DIY wood-fired pizza oven kit from BrickWood Ovens shipped directly to a US based parcel / package facility near your home. Simply reach out to any of the locations shown below and inquire about their incoming shipping rules prior to ordering from BrickWood Ovens.

Service fees range around $4 - $6 per delivered box (oven / blanket / door / exhaust kit) and remember to print and carry your invoice with you before you cross the border. Per customs, you are allowed to purchase and return to Canada with a maximum of $2000 of materials without having to fill out pesky customs forms and pay those outrageous duties and fees.

Find your local US based Parcel Pick-up store w/ map and contact information -

USA / Canada Border - Parcel & Package Pick-up Locations