Dome Fire Brick Joints Have Gaps, Still Efficient?

Hi, so I chiseled out the foam inserts to find some gaps in the ceiling joints where the mortar did not completely fill the bottom of the joint flush with the foam mold, (or the exposed ceiling joints). They are about half and inch deep, one of them is an inch deep on the very top run of bricks. The side wall brick joints are fine. It was just those tricky inverted bricks. My guess is that this will not affect heat efficiency due to the 8mm double layer of insulation blanket. Perhaps these gaps will retain heat for a hotter dome? Can I fill these gaps in with high temp mortar if I wet the hardened mortar prior to filling the gaps? I am using the recommended DIY high temp mortar blend. Will it crack and fall out on my pizza or something? Thanks.

This is all you need.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy…

Since I am mixing up more high temp mortar today can I just use that instead? I was planning to brick the doorway so would need access to enterior of oven now before I close it off.

Will this work? I have access to this today.

Looks like a winner. Just make sure it is NON-WATER SOLUBLE! That’s the most important feature.

You never anticipate the inside of your oven getting wet - but if it happens… you’re covered.

Kids… sprinklers… crazy hard rain… inlaws trying to be nice and washing the oven before a neighborhood pizza party (yup - it happened)…