DuraTech Exhaust Pipe - Insulated Double-Wall vs. Inexpensive Single Wall

Can I attach a Stainless Steel Single Wall chimney pipe to the DuraTech Anchor Plate (that is designed for the double wall DuraTech Exhaust Pipe & Chimney Cap)?

Is there a reason that I can’t attach a single wall chimney pipe to that DuraTech Anchor Plate?

I have several single wall pipes I can use, so it would save me an additional expense, but also wondering how much heat, effectively would be lost using one. (Thinking it would be fine, but I dunno!)

Looking forward to my very soon build!!


Rick in Oregon

Our DuraTech exhaust kits / assembly are top-of-the-line Double Wall / Stainless Steel exhaust systems. One of the advantages of the DuraTech components is the fact that the Pipes and Chimney Cap attach to the Anchor Plate by twisting / locking the parts into place. A simple 1/4 turn and they are locked on. No screws, no muss, no fuss.

If you’ve had a baby recently, think of the baby food / Gerber jar lids. 1/4 turn and they are locked on.

Now, if you are planning on attaching a single wall pipe to the DuraTech Anchor Plate, you will need to screw the single wall pipe to the Double Wall Anchor Plate with STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS.

I’m not going to say not to do this - it’s your oven. BUT… here’s why I wouldn’t…

  1. Double-wall chimney pipes are designed to fit snugly w/ the DuraTech anchor plate for a perfect draw / air flow. NO GAPS.

  2. The Double Wall chimney pipes are nowhere near as hot as a single wall chimney pipe (external temp). Pizza Ovens and beer go hand-in-hand. Eventually you will have a neighbor or in-law that will touch the pipe like an idiot and really burn themselves as that pipe is H - O - T ! 1000°+

  3. Our custom made DuraTech Dampers are made to fit our DuraTech exhaust kits perfectly (between the chimney pipe and chimney cap).

  4. Keep in mind, you will be voiding DuraTech’s Lifetime Warranty once you start modifying the components.

Hope this helps!

Many thanks for the fine reply! I know what to do, now…

(Yeah, was wondering how to connect the single wall pipe to that anchor plate.)


Rick in Oregon