Enclosing the Outside Brick Oven Dome

I have an outdoor brick oven Dome and want to encase the outside of it in concrete. Can I do this with regular concrete? I want to square it off in order to finish with stone veneers. Figure making a square form around base and filling with concrete would provide additional insulation for the structure.

If you did that, it would take FOREVER to heat the oven as the concrete would absorb the heat from the oven…

While we don’t have directions or instructions on how to build a frame (there are tons of places to view online), we would recommend building a steel structure frame, then attach cement board / Hardi backer board. Once you have built a sturdy housing, you then fill the void with bags of Vermiculite or Perlite. Just pour it right on top of the oven - right up to the top of the housing.

After it is filled, attach your roof system.

Once that is complete, you can attach your veneer to the cement board.

This will give you a perfectly insulated oven with AMAZING performance. Just don’t build a concrete housing as you described. It will underperform and eventually crack / crumble as concrete is not designed for high-temps.

Would sand be ok to use for this since its cheaper? If not, is this what your referencing with perlite or is there something I’m missing?


Don’t use sand - it is not an insulating material like Vermiculite or Perlite. It is better than concrete… but not like V or P.

That bag of Perlite from Home Depot is exactly what you need. Finding it in a 4cf bag can be difficult sometimes.

We get calls from people all over the country saying, “I can’t find Perlite or Vermiculite in my area”.

Order Grade 2 or Grade 3

Uline will ship you 2 bags of 4cf for $30 per bag - ULINE - Shipping Boxes, Shipping Supplies, Packaging Materials, Packing Supplies