Enlarge Hearth Slab to have larger front and side ledges

I’d like to extend the front edge of the slab to give me a 15" counter in front of the door opening…additionally I’d like to extend the sides of the slab 12" to offer us serving/prep areas along the sides of the oven. Would this affect the weight distribution or cause any problems with the build?

I’m wide open to all your advice…thanks.

If you are building your base as shown in our Installation Instructions - you will have ZERO issues w/ the extra inches! Our bases, as some contractors have stated, are “over-built” or “over-designed”… meaning that they can withstand a lot more weight / pressure than is needed for a pizza oven.

Concrete and rebar are cheap - and a little extra of both in the cinder block cores allows you to do custom work (like you are describing) w/out having to worry if the base can handle it.

Just make sure you keep the oven centered over the cinder block (as it is shown in the instructions) and make sure you extend the rebar (or concrete mesh) inside the extended portion of the concrete and you will be good to go w/out any issues.

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