Fiber reinforced concrete

Any thoughts on using fiber reinforced concrete mix but no rebar for base and/or top?

Sakrete and Quikrete websites both suggest that rebar may be unnecessary with fiber reinforced mix.

I have mixed thoughts on fiber reinforced concrete - both pro and con.

First - when we designed our pizza ovens, we made sure the bulk of the weight of the ovens was actually sitting on the cinder block (CMU) 8"x8"x16" walls. This way, the colossal weight of the oven is dispersed over the block walls (which can withstand 1000’s of lbs).

For this reason, I think fiber reinforced concrete is OKAY for the pizza oven hearth slabs.

BUT - having used the fiber on several landscape jobs, I’m nowhere near as impressed with the product as I am with rebar.

For example, I’ve seen a fiber infused counter-top snap in half when a 5 year-old was walking on it. The kid fell and luckily, the fibers held just long enough for the kid to move before it finally came crashing down. With rebar, the kid could have danced the Crazy Chicken on the counter-top and it wouldn’t have even cracked.

My vote - Rebar all the way. It may be a bit overkill, but it is cheap, readily available and it will never bend or break!