Finally our first cook

Well our oven has been cured. Wanted to cook something, but it is so hot outside. Central California was 112° F today. Instead of having a 1,000° pizza fire, we opted for chicken breast and cut up potatoes, cooked in a cast iron pan. Turned out great! Still have work to do to finish the oven exterior and fireplace, but getting close

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Well played, Norm! Your double arch looks really nice, and you’ve got it going inside the oven for sure. We’ve had some days like that (well, maybe 15° cooler, but this is Connecticut after all :wink: ), and I’ve chosen to do something a little less heat-intensive than pizza on those days.

And not for nothing, but when I’m in full-blown pizza mode on a hot day, I now own a welder’s mask to go with the long-sleeve welder’s gloves. Otherwise I can’t get close enough to the oven mouth to bake my pies.

Congratulations and glad it turned out so well!

I was going to ask you what gloves you use. My “oveglove” wasn’t great.

You can get any of the leather gloves that claim to be rated for welding. Don’t use the silicone gloves. They won’t protect your hands long enough when you’re pulling heavy items like cast iron out of the oven.