Finished Before Fall!

We started baking before the veneer was finished, but we are now 99% done. I am working on a custom door, thanks to some motivation form the great work posted on this forum.
While mixing mortar and playing with brick and stone, I never thought I would say this; but my masonry skills improved more quickly than my cooking skills have! We have had great success overall, and we’re having a ton of fun, but that gourmet combination of all elements at once eludes me. The biggest current challenge is that the crust is perfect when the toppings are lagging behind.
Thanks to all the BW builders and posters!
IMG_2387 IMG_2388 IMG_2389 IMG_2390


I should add that I (obviously) seem to get a fair amount of smoke at certain times, so I will also be looking for solutions to that and ways to clean my stone.

That looks magnificent Bill! I’m sure you are feeling very accomplished because that’s quite an accomplishment.

Masonry and baking are related; I was thinking the other day that mixing mortar has taught me a lot about baking from scratch. Your timing will get better as you get used to the oven environment.

Congratulations :tada: hope you stay in touch here. :slight_smile:

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