Finishing the 28" Cupola


This upcoming Saturday we are going to begin making our pizza oven. I had a couple of questions and wanted any advice or pointers that people had in regards to making, but most especially in finishing the oven.

I have all of the supplies that were listed on the instructions, and I feel pretty comfortable following the instructions, but I wanted to run through the finishing of the oven, especially since there are no instructions for that part.

My plan for finishing the oven was to do two layers of stucco, followed by tile. For the two layers of stucco I was planning on using the base coat of stucco for both layers. In between each application I was going to allow it to cure for 3-5 days, while covered with a wet blanket. After the final layer of stucco, I was then going to use thinset mortar with the tiles.

Are there any tricks that I need to know about, or mistakes that I should try to avoid. Is there any trick to getting the stucco around the chimney, or on the face of the pizza oven.

Any advice that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Roughly how much stucco will I need for two coats on the 28" cupola? I think I read somewhere 280 pounds.