First Pizza Attempt(s)

Finally got through the curing and had first pizzas tonight. First didn’t do so well but the rest got better as we learned But this is the best pizza ever!

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Forgot pics.

You got the hang of it very quickly. Those pies look magnifico!

Congratulations on finishing your oven, and let this be the start of many happy bakes (and roasts, and grillings) in the years to come.

Looks amazing! Loving the look and texture of the dough. Awesome job

Those look amazing, nice job!

Thanks. It’s fun trying to
figure out all the tricks of using this oven

Those are some solid first attempts. For reference here is one of my first pies:

Why do they all land topping side down?


That’s no fun :joy:. I’m going to have another go at it Friday.

This is my first pizza attempt
We have gotten much better since this one. So don’t be discouraged on first try


Hi Dave and welcome to the BrickWood forum.

I’m oddly encouraged by that photo, and thank you for sharing it.

We all had to start somewhere, and there is a learning curve with pizza, especially if we aren’t churning out 50-60 pies a day like a commercial pizzeria.

I have been working on dough recipes for the last few months. Think I am about there with the best one for my oven. Will have some more tries in the next few weeks. Snow put me on hold recently.

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I am almost complete (hardware trim board mostly) I love this oven

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At least your crust looks nicely browned

Thanks. You get better with practice though :slight_smile:

Pro Tip: Put the pizza on a cooling rack when you pull it out of the oven to keep any steam from causing a soggy bottom crust.


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Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I’m so excited when it comes out of the oven I keep burning my mouth.


You are a pizzaioli of great patience, Ken! I do think that’s a great tip. Mine go on either a wooden cutting board or wooden peel, which seems to help.

Can’t say anything that would help @Bill and his burned mouth—sometimes it’s just hard to wait. :upside_down_face:

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