First Practice Pizza, Good and Bad

Good news: I cooked my first pizza (practiced with a DiGorno).

Bad news:
I think I had the fire too close to the front, it cracked the veneer. :disappointed: I strictly followed the curing fires. I guess half inch veneer is too thin for the front of the oven.


Crack or no crack - that is a BEAUTIFUL oven.

Flashback to that Jerry Maguire movie “You had me at hello”… You had me with that CLASSIC Red Brick Veneer. I LOVE IT! It just screams Wood-Fired Oven!

And I really like that metal door frame!

Could you send more pics of this build so I can share them on our photo gallery?


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Thanks very much @BrickWood. I need to finish grouting the brick veneer on the pedestal. Once done, I’ll clean up the site and upload pictures of the build.

The black metal flange hangs down 3 inches from the edge of arch and 2 inches above the edge. I had a local welder / metal shop make it for me. My intent is to reduce the size of the opening to retain more heat and hopefully force more smoke up the chimney.

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Hi @BrickWood, I uploaded pictures of my project. Hopefully the quality of the images is good enough for the gallery.