Foam insert stuck

Any ideas on how to remove an insert that seems to be stuck? Not sliding out like in the directions.

Presuming you are building a Barile:

You could read this topic for hints:

Styrofoam removal

Because the brick are pressing down on the insert, the weight presses the insert down on the hearth. The BrickWood folks have said that a few people have managed to slide out and reuse the insert, but it’s rare.

As the post above says:

  • Use a saw to start getting foam from the bottom of the insert
  • Don’t use any grease or other foreign agents to lubricate the insert

And the other Very Bad Thing would be trying to burn out any large remaining bits. Besides the immediate threat of toxic fumes, your food would enjoy the benefits of the residue for a long time. They said that small bits clinging to the sides would be okay, and it’s preferable to let them burn off vs. scraping and possibly damaging the firebrick and mortar in the arch.

Hope you’ll post a follow-up once you’ve extracted the foam, with photos and anything you found helped!

Yes I saw that post but didn’t see any pics to show where to start the cut with the saw. I figure I’ll just cut the bottom piece up and tear it out that way.

Yes. Since you’re not trying to save the foam, there’s no way you can break it (because you are going to break it).

Taking a photo and posting it would remedy the lack of information you ran into.

Good luck!