Fougasse struggles

This is my first rodeo with fougasse. I used the recipe, pretty closely, from the Woodfired Oven Chef. It was a touch dense. Anyone have a good recipe??

Hi Demond,

I found the video with his recipe (beautifully produced), but I noticed that he didn’t show the bread open or cut or torn, so it’s hard to know what he was going for. He mentions in the recipe details that he’s looking for crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle, so how close did your rendition of this come to that description?

The addition of whole grain flour (although I’m a fan of that!) might be contributing to the density a bit. Maybe substitute 00 pizza flour for that (for now I’d use the “plain” flour quantities he specifies) and see whether that helps.

I think you’ve got the shape and the cuts down, and like any other bread I’ve ever tried the second and third attempts are going to be better than the first.

Keep us posted: the point of building an oven is to bake amazing food!


There’s a lot going on that impacts your bread including type of flour, hydration percentage and how much you knead the dough. Higher protein flour, less water and more kneading will all lead to a denser, stronger dough. A little more water and a little less kneading will yield a puffier dough. How much is enough is where practice and experience comes in.

Lots of good information on flour and baking here: King Arthur Flour

I’ve used their Tipo 00 pizza flour with good results.


Thanks for the resource. I used type 00 and did slap folds. Still fairly new to pizza dough and certainly the oven. It was my first time, so I’ll give it a few more tries before I start to curse.

I will definitely check out their website.

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My rule is “three tries, one curse, then try again.” :wink: Lol!

Good luck Demond!

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