Framing Bricks With Holes

Hi -

After placing the red frame bricks on the hearth I realized that they all have holes. The ends don’t look good with this type of brick but my question is: Is it OK to use bricks with holes for the hearth frame?

Thanks very much.

I found this thread (sorry, I should have searched more before posting a new question) Standard Bricks: Holes or No Holes?

Since I recently purchased the bricks, I am hoping that they have 4 without holes for the corners.

Plz be sure to look at a previous post regarding corners w/ holes.

I gave some pretty good advice about filling the holes with a mix of Brick Dust & Concrete powder (that will make the bricks solid - and the color will come very close to matching). I’ve done this route myself and I know it works great :slight_smile:

Another oven builder gave some great advice (with pics) on how to build your corners with a 45° so you won’t see any holes at all… And it looks TOP NOTCH TOO!