Framing the Base Slab & Hearth Slab forms -- Screws or Nails?

While I wait for my Mattone Barile Grande kit to arrive, I’m starting work on the base.

Kevin very helpfully pointed me toward the “2.0” assembly instructions for the Brickwood Box, and I noticed an impassioned argument for using screws instead of nails for the slab forms.

The current instructions for the base calls for nails, but …

Is that something I’d want to consider for my project as well?

Screws - All the way!

I still need to make the change from “Nails” to “Screws” on the Installation Instructions.

Currently working on Version 2.0 as we speak, but I would HIGHLY recommend using screws to prevent damaging the finished / cured base slab or hearth slabs when removing the wooden frames.

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Screws it is.


As for screws, I’ve switched to using the star drive / hex-head / Torx type deck screws instead of phillips head screws. The hex type heads don’t strip as easily so, even though they cost more initially, I’m able to reuse more of them which saves money in the long run.

I like that idea. Considering the torque it takes to drive a substantial wood screw, you need a good interface between screw and driver bit. I just did a repair on our deck using Camo screws (which drive in on the side using a special jig so you don’t see them on the deck surface). Those are star drive, and it would have been very difficult to drive them through a resin plank and 6x base with a Phillips head. Thanks Peter!