Front Face Finishing

Hey Matt,
Firebrick completed, on to blanket, chicken wire, and stucco next week.
I am using splits that are anywhere from 1/2 to 5/8 thick. Because I’m using the clark oven as my inspiration to finish off the front would I want to start the insul. blanket flush with the front as opposed to setting back an inch per the plan?

Dave LaCroix

Clark Wood-Fired Oven

Hi Dave,

My opinion would be to stay with the plan. You need to be able to seal the seam between the inner and outer layer of bricks. If you look closely at the Clark oven, they did that with mortar, which I presume they then waterproofed. So keep your insulating blanket an inch shy of the front, and use that inch for your mortar.

This will not result in much (if any) heat loss. You should consider heat-resistant mortar for filling the gap, to avoid later breakdown.

You’re making a lot of progress!

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Thanks Matt,
Am I correct in assuming that I should also leave a sort of relief to show enough firebrick so as to allow the door to fit under the fan effect I’m creating?


I’m not visualizing that well, as described. Could you send a photo or napkin drawing?

Okay this will help me explain better.

Should the brick veneer continue all the way to the inside edge of the oven interior so when in place the door would sit in front of the brick veneer.


Should the brick veneer end at the outside edge of oven door. This would allow the door to inset I suppose. This would leave a small amount of firebrick exposed.

I hope I did a better job explaining


Jumping on real quick…

The Barile Series door “seals” the oven by pressing against the inside edge of the fire brick.

On the Mattone Barile Grande, the door overlaps the firebrick by 1" on all sides. If you are using the Barile Series door on the smaller Mattone Barile oven, you will have about 2" of overlap.

So plz leave enough room so the door can lean / press against the fire brick oven / opening.

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