Gap between insulation

Hey Matt. I added a second layer to the back of my oven. When I put in first stucco layer I feel there is a void between the two layers of insulation as the chicken wire did not suck them tight. Should I be concerned?

Did you use rebar ties? if you get a pair of needle nose pliers and twist the chicken wire, it will tighten up. Just twist every couple of octagons and it will get tighter. When I did mine it wasn’t snug but tight enough to keep the insulation from moving or sliding. As for the stucco layers, my first layer filled alot of the gaps between the insulation and the chicken wire, but the insulation itself did not have gaps between the layers of insulation.

Yes I did. I ended up cutting the stucco layer off the back and repacked the insulation. Will restucco tonight

Hi Scott,

I don’t think you’ll have a major issue. It will definitely reduce the amount of brick you have exposed on the slab because that gap will have also pushed out the wall just a bit.

But, insulation by its nature introduces a gap between two bodies of energy. You don’t want the heat in the oven to cross into the larger body of the atmosphere. Mineral fiber is very effective because it maintains that gap at high temperatures. The air gap between the two layers won’t have any effect