Harbison Walker Empire DP firebrick

I noticed the firebrick that were sold to me from HW are referenced as Empire DP on the invoice, which is a High Duty firebrick I just found out. Should I ask for something different? Will this firebrick pose a problem for my 28" Mattone Cupola?

Update on 8/26: I spoke with the Harbison Walker branch in Lakeland, FL and they confirmed that they do not stock a lower duty firebrick than Empire DP, so I have no choice but to use these.

I think you’ll be okay, but yeah, if you have another masonry supplier in your area that can get you low or medium duty firebrick I’d return the Empire and get that. It won’t hurt anything if you decide to go ahead, but they will be more difficult to cut because of the higher alumina content.

Here’s a guide to firebrick grades and characteristics.

Let us know what you decide!