Hearth Slab for Barile

In looking at the customer videos, it looks like the American Homestead and the Rosalino builds used a single frame on top of the blocks rather than building three slab parts and assembling atop the blocks. Do you have any input about the pros/cons of handling the slab this way (poured atop the blocks)?

It’s in the FAQ s. All the reasons

I’m going to offer directions on how to pour a monolithic slab / single slab in Directions 2.0 - but no, we have no issues on monolithic slabs. They are great! They can be a bit tricky to build (framing that holds), but there are no differences in performance between the two types of hearth slabs.

One BIG plus for the 3 slabs method - if you are renting a cement mixer for the day or weekend and pouring the concrete pizza oven BASE SLAB, you can go ahead and pour the 3 hearth slabs while you are at it.

If you are making a monolithic hearth slab, you have to wait until the BASE SLAB is dry and then you have to build the cinderblock base… THEN you can pour the hearth slab w/ concrete. This will take 2 weekends vs. 1 weekend when you pour both at the same time.