Help! I've got cracks in my Stucco - How do I fix them?

Q: I have developed a crack in the outer mortar shell around the arch of my back wall and two cracks in the mortar surface in the middle of the oven.

I am worried rain water will get in these outer cracks and into the insulating blanket then turn into steam and cause larger cracks next time.

Should I crack the mortar off and start fresh or add another thicker layer of mortar overtop.

A: If you have any remaining dry stucco mix, simply mix a small amount in a disposable cup and apply the fresh stucco as a patch over the crack (in the late evening if possible to prevent direct sunlight while the stucco patch cures). Once the patch is good and dry, simply repaint the stucco.

Here is a link to stucco patch on Amazon… but PLEASE try to purchase this from your LOCAL hardware store… it’s a everyday item in the paint / plaster section.