How close to my house can I build the Mattone Cupola oven?

First and foremost, ALL BrickWood Ovens are for OUTDOOR & NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY!

Secondly, the placement of your oven really depends on your local building codes. Many codes & HOA’s state that all “solid-fuel burning devices” be placed within “X” number of feet from any structure. Before you build your oven, check with your local municipalities and/or HOA’s to verify you build to the standards of your code. And let’s not forget your homeowners insurance policy requirements (Allstate, AmFam, Farmers, etc…). They may have rules on how close an oven can be to any structure that is covered under one of their policies.

In addition, you must remember that no wood burning oven manufacturer can guarantee 100% smoke capture. For this reason, we do not recommend placing your BrickWood Oven within 5 feet of any ceiling or covered structure. We also recommend leaving a distance of 3 feet between the oven and any structure like walls, fences, trees, etc…

Also, make sure that the front / opening of your oven faces the direction of the oncoming wind. If the wind hits the rear of the oven, it can create a small vacuum which will pull the smoke out the front of the oven.