How Do I Make the Riley Family Oven and Fireplace Combo?

I have been looking for the instructions/plans for this oven not just the pizza part the complete structure can someone guide me in the right direction

Hi Jennifer, and welcome to the BrickWood forums!

The Riley oven is truly amazing, isn’t it? The good news is that the Mattone Barile (regular or Grande) is one of BrickWood’s standard kits. The no-so-good news from your point of view is that their oven is highly customized—by the Rileys. The Rileys started with the basic Mattone Barile design, and incorporated it into their one-of-a-kind build.

On the one hand, that’s way beyond what BrickWood designs or offers. On the other hand, what BrickWood really offers is a starting point. No two builds are exactly the same, as I’m sure you’ve seen from other photos in the gallery. When you incorporate a BrickWood oven into a larger outdoor kitchen or gathering place, you’re ensuring that you have an oven that will perform its job safely, and for thousands of dollars less than having it built for you.

The oven kits can also be built by a mason or hardscape contractor—which will cost more, of course, but if your vision is for something like what the Rileys did, with your own personal touches, and you’re not sure you can pull that off yourself in a DIY way, that’s the way to go. The one caveat to that is that you must supervise the contractor to ensure the oven is built according to BrickWood’s instructions. Most contractors are really good people (some of my favorites in the world!), but some tend to think they “know better” than the instructions.

I hope this is helpful and even encouraging, Jennifer, and know that the folks on this forum would be glad to talk it out with you and make your own vision a reality.