How is the High-Temp mortar (Factory Blend) different from the 4 Ingredient High-Temp mortar I can make myself?

4 Ingredient High-Temp Mortar - This simple-to-make High-Temp mortar can be made with locally sourced materials (Silica Sand, Fireclay, Portland Cement and Lime). Simply mix 3 parts Silica Sand to 1 part Fireclay, 1 part Portland Cement and 1 part Lime with water… add enough water to blend yet stay firm.

While the blend is excellent for DIY wood-fired brick pizza ovens, we can not claim to the recipe… it’s been used around the world for decades. From Australia to Zimbabwe, many of the wood fired ovens you see online are built with high-temp mortar made from these 4 inexpensive and easy to locate materials!

Premixed High-Temp Mortar: When you’re ready to take your high-temp mortar to the next level, you need High-Temp Refractory Mortar! This scientifically concocted blend is designed by some really smart NASA type engineers that spend their lives making cement - better!

High Temp mortar brands like HeatStop 50, HeatStop II, Mortar Mix 413… they are designed to withstand temperatures around 2800 degrees. At that temperature, your pizza would go from raw to burnt in about 8 seconds. When building the Mattone Barile, Mattone Barile Grande or BrickWood Box, ONLY USE NON-WATER SOLUABLE PRE-MIXED MORTAR THAT IS DRY / IN A BAG!

Premixed high-temperature mortars provide outstanding performance in a ready-to-use or “just add water” formula. If you can get your hands on a factory blend mortar mix, we would recommend doing so. It’s pre-mixed / blended and all you have to do is add water - very hard to mess it up.

If you are building a Cortile Barile or Mattone Cupola oven, we recommend PREMIXED HIGH-TEMP MORTAR in a Pail. You will use a little amount of mortar for either oven and both ovens are designed for premix.

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