How is the Mattone Cupola, that I pour and pack myself, different from the prefabricated ovens on the market?

Prefabricated ovens are made by blending Castable Refractory with water and stainless steel fibers in a large mixer housed in an expensive factory (usually in California or Italy). It’s then poured into a large dome shaped mold by expensive factory workers and allowed to dry for several days. It’s then crated and placed on a hard-bouncing cargo truck and shipped across the country. Cross your fingers and hope that your oven arrives on that heavy pallet with no damage! Once it arrives, you call your friends and neighbors over to help you carry it to the backyard.

BrickWood Ovens Mattone Cupola dome-shaped foam oven molds provide homeowners and contractors the ability to make the same size oven (28", 36", 40" and 46") using the same high-quality Castable Refractory that you purchase locally from a nearby Castable Refractory dealer. After mixing the refractory with water and stainless steel fibers (included in kit), simply pour and pack the refractory in your dome shaped oven mold. After the oven is dry, simply strip the foam off the oven and follow the 7-day curing instructions. Easy Peasy! You now have a super-awesome, high-quality wood fired oven that you built yourself.

Now reach your hand in your pocket and pull out a wad of all that green paper… That’s the HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars you’ll be saving by building the oven yourself! No experience necessary and it takes LESS than 2 hours to build a 36" Mattone Cupola! Click here to watch a Mattone Cupola DIY video.