How many rows of brick can my chimney be? I need it to be at least 6' tall

The Mattone Barile and Mattone Barile Grande chimney is designed to be 3 rows of firebrick in height. You can get away with 4… BUT NO MORE THAN 4!

Each row of chimney brick weights about 40lbs -

8lbs per Firebrick
x 4 Firebricks per row
Plus 8lbs of mortar per row…

See how quickly that added up?

If you need extra length, simply add a DuraTech chimney between the DuraTech Anchor Plate and the DuraTech Chimney Cap.

They come in the following length sizes AND they do connect, so if you need a 6’ pipe, simply order a 2’ & 4’ pipe.

12" Chimney Pipe
24" Chimney Pipe
36" Chimney Pipe
48" Chimney Pipe

We DO NOT sell the 24", 36" & 48" chimney pipe - those are sold directly by DuraTech.