How to avoid burnt pizza edges

How do I bake pizza without burning the edges?

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So, yes, burning the edges is annoying. I don’t know how long you’ve had your oven, but clearly long enough to achieve a hot fire!

Personally, I place the blazing splits and coals in the back of the oven, and allow a rolling flame to sweep the roof toward the front. I make sure that when the dough pie lands on the hearth that there are several
Inches of space between the edge of the pie and the flame. The most important measure is to keep a careful eye on your baking pies. You can’t see the surface closest to the flame. When I see smoke rising from that edge I know it’s time to rotate the pie. That generally happens in about a minute. Each turn after that is going to take a little less time, because the edges to either side are preheated.

If you don’t have a long-handled “banjo” peel with a sliding handle, it’s a good investment. You only use it to turn the pies, but it will save you a lot of scorching both on your pizza and on your hands.

Good luck with your baking and let us know how it goes!

Plus, make sure your dough is at room temperature before your start making pies. That 30-40 degree difference between the fridge and room temp is important. Then as Matt says, find that sweet spot in your oven, pay attention and let the magic happen.

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I bring out my dough box for about that period of time. It wakes up the yeast and as Ken says reduces the difference between a 37 degree refrigerator and room temperature dough.