How to make Stucco with Sand, Hydrated Lime and Portland Cement

Stucco can be regional and hard to find in some parts of this great country -

But yes, you can EASILY make your own stucco at home.

In a clean wheelbarrow -

Add 5 gallons of Clean / Fine Grain Sand (Filtered Pool Sand or Silica Sand)

Add 1 gallon of Hydrated Lime

Add 1 Quart of Portland Cement

Dry mix the sand, lime & portland cement together and avoid creating clumps in the mixture. Add water slowly to the mixture a little at a time, continually mixing until you have achieved the consistency of whipped potatoes.

Mix for a minimum of 5 minutes then apply the stucco starting FROM THE TOP OF THE OVEN AND WORKING YOUR WAY DOWN TOWARDS THE OVEN BASE. If you apply stucco from the bottom of the oven and work your way up, after awhile, the weight of the stucco (combined w/ the water & gravity) will create a large stucco bulge at the base (basically a big glob of stucco).