How to remove mortar overflow inside oven

Just finished building the pizza oven and removed the foam mold and this was how it turn out.

Best way to chip it away? How can I fix this? Do I need to fill the mortar gaps?

Hi Povidio1 and welcome to the BrickWood forum!

  • Two things: don’t worry about the overflow. It may not look like you imagined it would, but there is a danger that you’ll damage the firebrick lining itself if you attempt to take out any of that mortar. Once you’ve fired the oven, soot will cover everything and it won’t be so worrisome. The other issue is that “chipping” the mortar inevitably introduces cracks into the remaining mortar, and it will deteriorate and fall out, most likely on something you’re cooking.
  • The other thing is that now is the time to fix the gaps, before you fire the oven for the first time. Here is the FAQ that covers the procedure. There’s also a link to a repair product you can use in the future, after the oven is fired.

This is a minor bump in the road, especially judging by that great-looking herringbone hearth. Fix the spots where you have a full joint gap, and keep going. Post back if you have any further questions…would love to see how your finished oven comes out!

Thank you for the help