How to Take Great Pictures of your BrickWood Project

Every year, we receive THOUSANDS of beautiful pictures from customers building BrickWood Ovens products. In turn, we take those pictures and post them on the BrickWood Ovens Photo Gallery so the world can enjoy looking at your BrickWood project – and likely steal some design ideas for their upcoming BrickWood Ovens project.

Having seen so many fuzzy and out-of-focus pics, too-far away pics, way too close pics, fingers in the photo pics, beer bottles and tools all over the place pics, dog crapping in the background pics, I have no idea what I’m looking at pics… and the ever-popular 100kb / file size way too small pics – I thought we’d make a quick picture tutorial.

  1. Set your camera / camera phone Photo Quality setting to UHD or HD (Ultra High Definition or High Definition).

  2. Turn the AUTO-FOCUS on and set the Picture Size to its HIGHEST setting. 1MB is Low / Small – 12MB is High / Large. Also, make sure the Aspect Ratio is set at 4:3.

  3. Set Video Size to UHD (Ultra High Definition) or QHD or FHD.

  4. Turn the CAMERA GRID on – this will help you center your shot (Rule of Thirds).

  1. Clean the Lens – Use a T-shirt or paper towel to gently wipe away any smudges or fingerprints from the lens.

  2. Avoid Zooming – Zooming pixelates the pictures and lowers the picture quality. We can zoom in / remove backgrounds.

  3. Turn “ON” the STABILIZER function – after several Mt. Dew’s, you might have a shaky hand. This will help that.

  4. PLEASE take your pictures HORIZONTALLY - not vertically. They showcase on galleries and online much better!

  5. FINAL PHOTOS - When submitting pictures of your finished / completed oven, please, PLEASE make sure you remove any brushes, brooms, bottles, shovels, ladders, etc… from the picture(s). Plz take a moment to clean up the oven area and take tons of GLAMOR pics from all angles. These pics are going to be viewed all over the world… Let’s show 'em a BEAUTIFUL oven!

  6. Take TONS of pictures!!! The days of film are over… and photo storage is practically free (if you have Amazon Prime, it is free), so please take a ton of pictures as you build your BrickWood Ovens project. And don’t forget about Video – nobody ever takes videos. We would LOVE to post your videos to our Photo and Video Gallery!

How to Send / Upload Your Pictures and Videos to BrickWood Ovens

Are you ready to show the world your BrickWood Ovens project pictures and videos? Well, We want to show it to them!

Uploading your pictures and videos is SUPER-EASY when you upload your files via our file transfer system. Simply jump on and follow the 3 instructions on the screen. It couldn’t be easier!

You can upload up to 20GB of photos and videos at one time! 20GB! If each of your pictures was 5mb in size, 20GB would be over 4,000 pictures! But please don’t send us 4,000 pictures…