I want to build an oven exactly like one shown on your Photo Gallery! Can you send me the directions on a specific oven?

While we have lots of beautiful ovens featured on our BrickWood Ovens Photo Gallery, we don’t have instructions for the finished ovens as the customers built them. The names of the ovens on the Photo Gallery are our customers names (e.g. Lewis Oven is Fred Lewis in California).

We do provide VERY detailed instructions on building our BrickWood Ovens, but creating a custom / finished designed oven is up to you.

If you would like a little design assistance, our friends at Backyard Flare can take your oven (and fireplace) to the next level. Simply take your ideas and/or sketches to the experts at Backyard Flare and they can turn your project vision into a super-awesome reality with their detailed assembly instructions & project materials list.