I want to close off the front of my Barile Grande just a little

They are full width going from front to back, then i cut the length to about 3" (this is the part starting at the edge of the original arch and going towards the center of the opening). I still get smoke coming out the front, but i really wanted to keep the arch. I hope that makes sense

Great, I am looking at doing the same. Did this help at all with heat retention or just help direct the smoke toward the chimney?

Do you think another course stepped down ( for a total of three courses) to a smaller arch would help?

I replied to this yesterday, but it is not showing up on the board (at least not that i can see). I apologize if i am posting twice.
It helped with heat retention. I considered adding another row but, I also cook other things (Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys) and I am afraid they wouldn’t fit. Also, i wonder if adding another corse would restrict the air flow into the pizza oven?
I agree with Bikerbudmatt, he told me "in my opinion, more smoke will escape from an arched opening, but even if it is flat across there will always be a little smoke making its way out the front in the right conditions.’
I still have smoke coming out the front, but not as much. More importantly, i love the look of the artched opening!

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I didn’t see it so you’re good. I appreciate the insight and I think the arch is the way to go as well to keep the ascetics of the oven. I think I may try adding an extension to my chimney as well to see that helps with the air drawl.

I added the 18 inch extension along with the damper, it helped a little. What i have started doing is using a weed torch or roofers tourch (propane) to start my fires. Less smouldering smoke. :sunglasses:


On the subject of closing off the oven a bit. There was a post some time ago where someone fashioned something made from metal. The picture got my attention and should have followed up. I don’t recall if it was made from steel or iron. This device followed the arch of the opening actually looking like a somewhat attractive piece of trim. In essence making the entire opening smaller by a few inches all around the opening. I believe the BWO door was able to fit in front of it as well. I thought there was some sort of flange on the inside to fasten to the brick and recall it was a very nice install. Matt or Kevin do you recall this?

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@dlacroix I had a local welding shop make this steel arch for my oven, not sure if it’s what you were referring to. It effectively reduces the size of the opening by 3 inches along the entire opening and was very simple to secure. It retains heat and reduces the amount of smoke escaping the front. $200 (I made a cardboard template of the opening and brought it to the shop).

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Very nice! Can I ask how the steel piece was secured to the front of the oven? Is it removable or is it permanent?
Thanks! :cowboy_hat_face:

@AZDon To secure it I purchased a tube of high temperature adhesive / sealant (Amazon.com) and some fireplace fiberglass rope gasket.

I used the adhesive to first glue the rope gasket to the top edge of steel flange. Once it was dry I then applied the adhesive to the rope that is facing up from the flange and then pressed the flange and adhesive onto the brick face. It dried and secured quickly.

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Thank you very much, sir!! - appreciate the info - will be trying this.

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