I would like to contact some of your customers in my area for a reference or testimonial. Can you provide me with the contact information for a few of your customers so I can ask them some questions?

To see BrickWood Ovens that are built in your area, simply go to Google and type in BrickWood Ovens and your state. So, for example, if you live in Florida and want to see some of our oven kits in your area, simply type into Google “BrickWood Ovens” “Florida”… like magic, you will see page after page of our customers’ ovens in your selected state (from the BrickWood Ovens Photo Gallery).

We have several oven builders that would be MORE than happy to discuss their oven and to share their oven pictures with you - on our newly updated BrickWood Ovens Forum.

We also encourage you to visit our Reviews page to read testimonials and reviews from ACTUAL BrickWood Ovens customers. With over 420 reviews to date - our 4.93 out of 5 stars pretty-much-so gives us the unofficial title “America’s Highest Rated Wood-Fired Oven”.

But no, we don’t provide the contact information of our customers to anyone. Just as we won’t share your contact information to anyone. EVER!